Fall Out is Vandfald's debut album.

July 24, 2015

Bombs and Music

For anyone that may live in the Oregon area, our next upcoming show is going to be at Bomb’s Away Cafe in Corvallis. This will be our second show here in Oregon and first at Bombs Away Cafe with touring band Sun Blood Stories. Come hungry and prepare your ear drums to be tickled with some sweet sandwich licking music. This will be a perfect night to bring a cute date or act like you brought a date…(Yes… mom’s are allowed to escort.) Or maybe this night is a perfect night to rebound your dating life? Either way, bring your mom, she’s not gonna want to miss this. Music starts at 10pm and admission is free!

Line up:
Sun Blood Stories


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July 5, 2015

No, We Aren’t Dead

Right about now you are probably thinking.. “Did they die? Are they not a band anymore? What happened to their EP? OMG JUST SAY SOMETHING ALREADY.” Well… It’s time we put it out all on the table.

1. No we aren’t dead.

Vandfald is still alive and thriving. We have been hard at work finishing our EP, along with music videos, and more to come. You may have also noticed as well that just recently we got our feet wet again and played our first show as a band here in Oregon.

2. We moved to Oregon

We (and by we, I mean Josh and Matt) recently moved to Oregon and no longer live in Texas. That doesn’t mean we won’t play there again some day. Count on us always keeping Texas in our hearts.

3. Vinyl and EP release date

Yes, and yes. We are still releasing our EP “A Delicate Balance” soon. No dates are confirmed as of yet. But expect it before the end of 2015. We understand that it has been over a year since pre orders began, and we thank everyone that contributed. Your orders are still confirmed, and you will be the first to hear the EP and receive your vinyl.

4. We have new band mates

Recently we have had the honor to add on two new members (Ryan Hanson on bass and John Monroe on percussion). On the flip side losing two other great musicians. Since we made the decision to move with our family to Oregon, we have had to leave behind our dear friends Allan Torres and Asher Gleason.

5. Our website is back up and running

Our website is finally back up and fully functioning. For any one that has tried to reach us through our web page, unfortunately we didn’t receive any of your messages.

We want to thank everyone for your patience. We are very excited to be releasing our EP soon. A lot of hard work, commitment, and dedication has gone into it’s construction. Our show here in Oregon was just the first of many to come. Please understand when we say this, because we mean it. Music is our life, and will always continue to be in the forefront. It’s what we breath, sleep, and consume three times a day consciously and subconsciously. We want to again thank everyone that has stuck by us through thick and thin. So with a toast, here’s to the future.


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July 16, 2014

Pre Orders -New EP – “A Delicate Balance”

Pre Orders for our new EP entitled “A Delicate Balance” are now available! We have a very limited run of 12″ two colored vinyls incased in a handmade gatefold jackets, along with CD’s, and digital downloads! Check it out and reserve your copy today while supplies last! Follow the link to pre order

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July 12, 2014

Free Show tonight! – Square One cafe

We have a free show tonight at Square One Cafe! We will be playing outside on there sweet outdoor patio. So make sure to come with an empty stomach because the food is amazing!! We go on from 7-10pm! See you there.

square one cafe

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