February 25, 2014

Interview in Office Depot – with Our Fearless Revolution

About a month ago we had an interview with Our Fearless Revolution in a Office Depot, and the outcome is definitely one of the best write ups we have had to date. Check it out at the link below:


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February 4, 2014

Free Download – Lander

In honor of our Grandfather’s birthday yesterday. Please enjoy this free download of our song “Lander” He was a great man, a great father, and a legend.


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February 2, 2014

New Song – “Abigail”

As promised, here is a video of us playing our new song “Abigail” at The Boiler Room in Dallas. Leave comments below to let us know what you think.

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January 31, 2014

Show tonight at The Boiler Room!

Show tonight in Dallas at The Boiler Room! Show starts at 8, tickets are $10 at the door. Be there or be square!!

P.S. Keep on a look out for our set list tonight.

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January 28, 2014

Fall Out – 101

Have you heard our album “Fall Out” yet? What are your favorite songs and why? http://vandfaldband.bandcamp.com/music

Oddly enough mine is “Paseo del Sol.” That song means so much to me, because its about my love for my home town (Turlock, California) and the struggles of moving away and leaving behind everything that was left behind. Family, friends, the culture, and everything in between. What a lot of people don’t know is that in the lyrics I mention a “Milk man” which is actually my cousin Austin. I didn’t want to use his actual name so I chose something symbolic, and since he drinks a lot of milk I called him “milk man.” Just one of many, inside secrets of our album. – Matt ( lead singer/keys)

ps. you’re welcome Austin.

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January 27, 2014

Show this Friday (1/31/14) at The Boiler Room Dallas – w/ Sound of Sulfur

SOSCome out this Friday and watch us melt faces with bands such as Pseudo Future, Page 9, Jagged Row, and Sound of Sulfur! This will be Sound of Sulfur’s farewell show so come out and give them a great final HOORAH! This is an 18 & Up show and  tickets are $10 at the door. Doors open at 8pm and we go on at 9:20pm. So put your tight pants on and come out to this show! We have a lot… WE MEAN A LOT of new material that we are dying for you guys to hear! Also, we only have three copies of our album “Fall Out” left before we order some more! So make sure to come out and grab the last few copies at this show! Or.. send us a message if you would like us to hold one for you! The next batch of CDs will have some different artwork in them… so I guess thats going to make the first batch kind of rare. ;)

Anyways, we’ll see you at the show!


Matt, Asher, Josh, Allan

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January 15, 2014

Show this Saturday – w/ Remedy Drive



We will be opening for Remedy Drive this Saturday (January 18th) at The Prophet Bar. Doors open at 8:30. Hope to see you there.

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January 7, 2014

Remedy Drive w/ opening act Vandfald

Come out January 18th to help us kick off the new year with Remedy Drive! Maybe josh (if you’re lucky) will play Saloon Blues. See you there! 

Tickets: $12 – 21+ // $15 – under 21



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January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New year everyone!! Thank you so much for an awesome 2013! So many memories have been made this year, and we are excited to be hitting the road and touring in 2014. Goodbye 2013, hello 2014.


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December 27, 2013

Sound of Sulfur’s Last Show @ The Boiler Room


Alright now after stuffing our faces full of pie and candy canes, its time to get back to business!! Our next show will be on January 31, 2014 at The Boiler Room in Dallas! If you or any one you know is looking for something to do in January, come to this show. We have a lot, I mean… A LOT of new material and this will be Sound of Sulfur‘s farewell concert! So lace up your shoes, grab your keys, and carpool you and ten friends to this show.


Takeover Booking Presents:



$10 cover // 18+ and up

 12:00am: Sound of Sulfur (Farewell Show)

 11:00pm: Jagged Row

 10:10 pm: Page 9

 9:20pm: Vandfald

 8:30pm: Pseudo Future




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